Vicious Vik

Atlas Green - Cream | Silver
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Average wrist size: M
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How to select the right size:

Use a tape measure to check your wrist size and select the right size. Please note that the wrist size is not the same as the length of a bracelet. The sizes below are the circumference of your wrist.


Bracelet size Wrist size inch Wrist size centimeter
XXS 5 ½" wrist size 14 cm wrist size
XS 5 ⅞" wrist size 15 cm wrist size
S 6 ¼" wrist size (avarage women's size) 16 cm wrist size (avarage women's size)
S/M 6 ¾" wrist size 17 cm wrist size
M 7 ⅛" wrist size (avarage men's size) 18 cm wrist size (avarage men's size)
M/L 7 ½" wrist size 19 cm wrist size
L 7 ⅞" wrist size 20 cm wrist size
XL 8 ¼" wrist size 21 cm wrist size

Measure tightly and we will produce your bracelet with a comfortable fit. If you don't have a tape measurer, you can download and print our Wrist Sizer here.


Measure your ring size tightly with a tape measure, around the widest part of your finger, and we will ensure a comfortable fit.

Ring size EU Ring size USA / CAN Ring size UK / AUS
60 mm* / 19 mm 9 R ½
63 mm* / 20 mm 10 T ½
66 mm* / 21 mm 11.5 W ¾
69 mm* / 22 mm 12.5 Z


The number of millimeters to the left of the EU Ring size (e.g., 66 mm / 21 mm) indicates the circumference of your finger. The millimeters to the right of the EU Ring size (e.g., 66 mm / 21 mm) indicate the diameter of the ring that your finger passes through.

If you don't have a tape measurer, you can download and print our Ring Sizer here (page 1) or measure your existing ring here (page 2). Please print at 100% Scale on Letter Size Paper. 




How to put this bracelet on

Free shipping

Orders with an order value above 70 USD will be shipped for free. For orders below 70 USD, we charge 6 USD shipping costs. Orders will be delivered by FedEx Express within 4 to 6 business days. 


If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you can return it to us within 30 days for a refund. If you would like to receive another size or different bracelet, please order again via our online store.

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About Pig & Hen

Pig & Hen is a bold and refined Dutch jewelry brand that combines sustainability with unique design. 

Our handmade jewelry is crafted in Amsterdam from premium ship rope, stainless steel, gemstones and precious metals, ensuring that each piece can withstand all weather conditions and last a lifetime. 

Our jewelry is sold online and through 1400 resellers worldwide, making it accessible to anyone seeking quality, durability and style. Our flagship store lies in the heart of Amsterdam. 

Our designs are inspired by the rugged and enduring nature of our materials, and we strive to create pieces that are as unique as the individuals who wear them. 

Pig & Hen; designed and made in Amsterdam.



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Vicious Vik
Atlas Green - Cream | Silver
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